Farming is a year round job, there is truly no “off” season. Even when we are not at farmers markets, we are still working. In the late fall and winter months, we prune our fruit trees and berry bushes to promote health and longevity of the trees and bushes. The vegetable fields are sewn with cover crops to keep the soil healthy.  The winter months are also a great time for us to attend conferences and seminars to learn of new practices and trends in the agriculture industry.  A lot of equipment maintenance also occurs this time of year to hopefully avoid busy season breakdowns… but in farming, those are inevitable.  Early Spring is the time of year we get antsy to get our farms hands dirty! Fields are plowed and we plant seeds in the green house to prep for transplanting late spring. The farm canvas starts to look lively again with plants, trees, and greenery coming alive after winter hibernation. Spring also brings lots of weather worries for the potential of late frosts on fruit tree buds. We work hard and hope for the best every year. Late spring and early summer we hope to see the setting of our fruit tree crops and began transplanting vegetables to the fields.  Summer is lots of time spent tending to vegetables, which include irrigating and weeding to keep plants healthy to produce tasty veggies. We also mow many times in the orchard to keep weeds down. And then, so it begins in early summer.. HARVEST! Harvesting of summer vegetables, berries and fruits! And we return to the farmers market selling the freshest bounty from the farm! Once harvest begins in early summer, we don’t stop until late Fall when the latest varieties of apples are picked and packed. Then the annual process begins all over again! Farming is hard work, but we love it and love our community that is supporting the local food movement. We are continually looking for new fruits and vegetables to plant, grow, and bring to market.  We love when our market family asks us to try growing something new! Please contact us if there’s something you would like to see us grow!