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our roots

Tucked away on the Union Hill Ridge between the Dana and Edneyville communities sits Creasman Farms, home to 3rd generation farm growing fruits and vegetables.

“From the beginning…”

Creasman Farms was founded in apple growing. Bobby’s dad, Clarence Creasman was raised on his grandparents Poppa and Grandmother Garrett’s farm.  They grew vegetables and apples on their farm in Dana, NC. His love of farming continued by him establishing his own farm while he owned and operated Dana Service Station.   He managed the Dana Apple Co-Op to help local growers sell their harvest to local produce vendors.  He also sold his apples at the state farmer’s markets in Columbia SC and Greenville, SC in the fall.  He worked hard to farm and to pass his passion and love of farming to the next generation, his son Bobby.

“Building tradition and laying a foundation…”

After the passing of Clearence Creasman, the farm took a brief hiatus from activity. Bobby and Dawn Creasman took over the farm in the 1980’s and farmed the land for several years selling all the apple crops to large apple processing plants such as Seneca and Gerber. The apples were made into apple sauce and sold to national grocery store chains. In the late 80’s as local locations of national apple processing plants began closing and paying less and less for apples, the farm was facing hardship and struggles. In the early 1990’s Bob and Dawn had a vision for a new direction for Creasman Farms. Transition the farm back to its original roots, selling harvest direct to the consumer. They sold the original family farmstead in Dana to move the farm to Union Hill Road. The new location of Creasman Farms, just a couple miles down the road from the original family land, is just over 31 acres. Since moving to Union Hill Road in 1996, almost all the orchard has been replanted by hand by Bobby and Dawn. The farm now grows over 40 different varieties of apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, blueberries, blackberries, fresh flowers, summer vegetables and more have been added.  Bobby and Dawn continue to be innovative in finding new fruits and vegetables that expand our harvest and selling season. The farm’s bounty is sold at six local farmers markets, one state farmers market and to local restaurants and bakeries. 

“A strong innovative future…”

Creasman Farms is quickly raising up the next generation. Bobby and Dawn’s three daughters, Ashley, Haley, and Colby, and son-in-law, Kameron Buchanan, are learning the roles of successfully running the family farm. When the time is right, the reigns will be handed over, although Bobby and Dawn are not allowed to “retire” anytime soon. Haley, Colby and Kameron currently work on the farm growing, harvesting and selling.  Ashley provides us with assistance in farm design and festivals.  Colby is our social media coordinator and Haley loves working at the markets.  Kameron is learning “the ropes”  and all the farmers tricks on how to start our finicky tractors from Bobby.  We also have an active extended farm family that helps us get the job done. 

We strive to provide the freshest, best tasting fruits and vegetables to our customers at local tailgate markets, at our farm, and to local restaurants and bakeries. As our working farm grows into the next generation we value our customers and treat them like family, because they are. Farm, Food, Family, Community.